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Items of interest where your support is needed


Sustainable Australia candidate in North Sydney by-election  and Steady State petition need your support.


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Versions of this statement has been around for some time. The speaker was always branded xenophobic, even racist, by the braying PC mob. Now after a Muslim leader has said it, our political leaders are emboldened to say it. Better still would be ‘don’t come’ and a lid put on Muslim immigration, from the ME, or elsewhere.

Tony Abbott talks common sense on how Europe can avoid being swamped by boat people.


Ex PMs (and also Opposition Leaders only) are constantly in the news, justifying their actions, criticising the incumbents and suggesting what they should do, Now Tony Abbott joins in justifying his actions.

an apology to those who recently asked to be put on the circulation list

Recently a few more readers asked to be put on the circulation list for notification of new material. I put the emails aside and i think i might deleted them before transfer to Contacts. My apologies, and if you don't receive a reminder, could I inconvemce you to resend request.

We await the actions to back up the fine rhetoric from Malcolm Turnbull.


Malcolm Turnbull and  Bill Shorten have in common that both are bigheads in both senses of the word. And their careers have a lot in common. It is not pretty, but shows what it takes to be leader in politics,


Abbott’s main achievements were stopping the boats and initiating a plebiscite.


The history books will characterise Abbott as the most blunder prone PM of Australia. The most noteworthy achievement which changed the course of events was stopping the boats. And hopefully plebiscites will become a way of letting Australians have their say on contentious issues.

Canning by election - a chance to express concerns about population and immigration


The Sustainable Population Party has endorsed a candidate, Angela Smith, for the Canning by election on 19th September. It is a wide spread electorate and so she needs help, physical and financial, from people outside the electorate and outside the SPP. It is also an opportunity for voters in Canning to express an opinion on high immigration by writing ‘Reduce Immigration’ on the the ballot paper


Australia is fortunate to have the flag it does


Nigel Jackson presents arguments that we should firmly resist calls to change our greatest national symbol


A cry from the heart from those trampled on by the underground gas mining developments

It is easy to dismiss the concerns in communities, such as Hopeland, in the Western Downs, which has the richest soil in Australia, becoming a centre of unconventional gas developments. Hence TIA is publishing an article by Shay Dougall, spokesperson for Hopeland Community Sustainability Group.

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