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Final Publication of The Independent Australian

Illness and old age has caught up with me. Hence I have reluctantly decided to give up publication of The Independent Australian.


ACF rejects debate on immigration.

 At the 50th annual general meeting of the Australian Conservation Foundation a motion calling ‘that the executive of the ACF open up discussion by publication of a paper setting out the ACF position on immigration and calling for comment to be published in a special edition of Habitat’ was defeated.

Your reaction to Australia's high immigration policy

Hello Fellow Members

To those willing to stand for the recent election for Council members. 

Your email addresses attached to your resumes are the only chance that I have to express disappointment of the attitude of Council to population matters; that is; to totally ignore that input of 200,000 people pa by immigration to Australia is of no concern to environmental matters.


I hope that my concerns at the suppression of the discussion on population increase by high immigration is pertinent enough for you to raise the issue at any opportunity, inside or outside the ACF organization. Scott Morrison has recently defended the high intake as Government policy. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/scott-morrisons-blunt-warning-embrace-immigration-and-trade-or-face-great-danger-20160929-grrmp6.html


How will the ACF react?


Below is a copy of the latest issue.


The country is in the very best of hands*

 The election result was close, but fortunately avoided the disaster of a minority government. The election was supposed to be about enabling a joint sitting to pass some necessary union governance and  industrial laws, which never got a mention in the campaign. Judging by column inches the election appeared to be about whether laws permitting homosexual marriage should be put to a plebiscite or not.

A call for an opinion poll on stopping Muslim immigration

At the Federal election there was a 5% vote to stop Muslim immigration. There would be many major party voters who would be supportive of a move to limit Muslim immigration. An opinion poll would be useful in gauging popular feelings.

Negatives are the fashion. TIA offers: Shorten - the Scream: Turnbull - running on MT.

Shorten is like the demented man in Munch’s famous painting, hysterical advertising swirling around. After all the initial  ballyhoo Turnbull has not lived up to expectations. The campaign has seemed long winded and boring because all that happens seems to be that the leaders tour around the country sprinkling largesse on communities, contingent on them being elected, but sometimes immediately matched. However leaving out all the detail that may, or may not, happen after the election one can summarize their general approaches.

The elephant in the election room that nobody wants to mention - Immigration.


And it is a very big elephant; the bipartisan target is over 200,000 for 2015/16, about the population of Hobart. Over half will squeeze into the over crowded cities of Sydney and Melbourne. There is a conspiracy of silence about immigration numbers. The Coalition has given it one line in an obscure press release, lack of mention by the ALP means acquiescence. Commentators have not raised the numbers anywhere, including the leaders debate.


Jenny Goldie writes in support of Tony Jones


Tony Jones sure nailed it (Over time unwelcome changes have been forced on society by self interested groups, May, The Independent Australian). So many problems have been caused by unfettered population growth.

Are we becoming fatigued by so much bad environmental news?

 Every day we seem to have a new announcement of temperature records being broken (March was globally the hottest on record*), bleaching of the Barrier Reef coral and so on  We seem to be inured to bad news. Australia’s CO2 emissions rose by more then 1% in 2015, when land clearing is taken into account**.

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